Fruity Iced Biscuits


I am loving the current trend for iced biscuits that appears to be going on at the moment. Have a look at my ‘baking inspiration’ board on Pinterest and you will see some of the designs that I would love to have a bash at at some point. The actual biscuits are so easy to make and the possibilities for different shapes and decoration are endless. I chose to go for a fruity, summer theme and the end result is very cheery looking to say the least!

This was my first attempt at iced biscuits and I don’t think they’re too bad for a first go. However next time I think I will make my icing less runny and invest in some very thin piping nozzles for piping the outline of the biscuits. I used a slightly adapted versions of Bake of Star Ruth Clemen’s recipes for the both the biccies and the glaze icing.

The icing can be quite fiddly- I was concentrating so hard that I think I ended up in the ‘piping zone’, which is unfortunately why I ended up abandoning my camera during the decorating process- sorry about that. Anyway, as I said before, they are something I would like to try again so I will be able to go into more detail regarding the piping technique then. For now I hope you enjoy these as my first attempt…

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