The Great Scottish Bake Off


With Robert Burns Night around the corner, many people across Scotland will be attending Burns Suppers to celebrate the life of the acclaimed Scottish poet.

However, alongside celebrating the life of Burns, Scottish food will also be at the forefront of the celebration. The meal at a Burn’s supper usually consists of Scotch broth as a starter, haggis, neeps (turnips) and tatties (potatoes) for the main and then cranachan or whisky trifle for dessert.

When I say the food is celebrated, I mean it; the haggis is carried into the room on a silver platter while the pipes are being played and all the guests are upstanding. The haggis is then ‘addressed’ by a speaker followed by all the guests participating in a ‘toast’ to the haggis. It all sounds a bit mental when reading this back, but it is great fun when you are actually attending one.

Anyway, this got me thinking about all the amazing food and drink that is produced in Scotland; we have Shortbread, Haggis, Tunnocks Tea Cakes, Whisky, Irn Bru, Tablet, and not forgetting the deep fried Mars Bar.

Therefore much of my baking in the weeks building up to Burns Night have been inspired by Scotland and its food and drink. I have tried to take aspects of traditional Scottish recipes and modernise them in my own way.

Last week I made some delicious Salted Scottish Tablet. This week I decided to pay homage to Scotland’s favourite soft drink by making Irn Bru Macarons. I also then had a bash at the ‘ultimate of Scottish cakes’, by combining cranachan, whisky caramel and some of the salted tablet that I made the week before.

I think it is safe to say that I will be taking some time out from sugar for the next few weeks.

I hope you enjoy. Keep scrolling down my homepage if you want to see the recipes for the Irn Bru Macarons and the ‘Ultimate’ Scottish Cake .

Rabbie BurnsStudents from Glasgow with their Robert Burns portrait made of Scottish food labels and wrappers

Irn Bru Macarons


Ahh Irn bru. The Nectar of the Gods.

To repeat the drink’s own slogan, ‘…Irn Bru gets you through’.

In my opinion there has never been slogan more true to life; it really does get you through.

It got me through my exams, it gets me through a tiring day at work and it has gotten me through many a bad hangover (Irn Bru is the best and most efficient hangover cure in the world, end of).

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Chocolate Puddles


If you are looking for something that is super quick and easy to make that you can then give to your friends as a gift, you need look no further.

Say hello to the chocolate puddle.

They require no baking, last for a long time and you can top them with whatever you want- it’s a great excuse to use up things like dried fruits and nuts that have been kicking about the back of the cupboard for a while.

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Salted Tablet


Salted everything is all the rage at the moment; salted caramel, salted chocolate, salted honeycomb. I was inspired to make this salted tablet after after kindly receiving a packet of Burnt Sugar’s Sea Salt Caramel Fudge for Christmas from my Aunt. It was totally delicious, however I found the texture to be closer to that of Scottish tablet rather than that of traditional English fudge.

For those of you not familiar with tablet, it is a Scottish sweet that has often been described as fudge’s grainy Scottish cousin. It has a much more brittle and grainy texture than fudge, which is usually much softer and smoother. Furthermore, tablet requires the use of condensed milk rather than cream as the main liquid component.

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