Chocolate Celebration Cake


This was a cake that I made for my friend Erin’s birthday- she is a big fan of all things chocolaty and therefore I felt obliged to try and make a cake where chocolate, chocolate and even more chocolate was the order of the day.

Now I’m usually a hardcore Mary Berry devotee (all hail the queen), but when it comes to chocolate I have to say that Nigella is my go to girl.

So I found the recipe for this cake on Nigella’s website, however during my search I also came across a few of her baking tutorials on youtube which where quite good once you get past all the seductive spoon licking and erotic ganache spreading!

Anyway, the end result was a true beast of a chocolate cake which I thoroughly enjoyed making. I would also like to point out that it even had fruit on it, so nobody had to feel guilty about being unhealthy… I mean the fruit may have been coated in chocolate before being placed on top but that is most definitely beside the point.

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