Avocado Macarons

Avocados; One of the more controversial brunch fruits. Often associated with millennials and hipsters, the avocado is regularly hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Whether it’s reports that the demand for avocados is fuelling gang wars in Mexico or stories about the rise of avocado related knife injuries showing up in A&E; never has a fruit been associated with such chaos.

This is not to even mention the claim by one real estate mogul that our penchant for smashed avo on toast is why we will never be able to afford our own houses. Here was me thinking it was due to the crippling cost of living combined with a global recession and stagnant wages, but who knew it actually all just comes down to our brunching habits?

I made these for my sister’s 21 birthday as I know how partial she is to a bit of smashed avo on toast. The recipe is exactly the same as the one used for my pistachio macarons, but adapted to make these little guys.

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