Pesto and Feta Scones


‘Scouwn’ or ‘scon’? That is the eternal question. Well for me it has always been a ‘scon’.

Tasty, simple and highly dependable, while other fancy trends such as the macaron and the cupcake have come and gone, this most traditional of teatime treats has remained strong, sitting proudly at the top of many a fancy cake stand alongside its two steadfast chums, the noble cream and the humble jam.

I have tried many different scone recipes over the years- some use milk but no eggs, some require a glaze and some are savoury and some are sweet.

Now even though I make a lot of sweet things, truth be told, I am really much more of a savoury girl at heart. This is why I thought scones would be a perfect opportunity to feature my first savoury bake.

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