Salted Caramel Banana Bread


As the old saying goes, everything gets better with age, unless you are a banana. Old, manky, odious, boggin; these are all words that have punitively crossed people’s lips when being asked to describe the more mature banana. However what I see is something very different, what I see is a fruit in the prime of its life, ripe and ready to go forth and be made in to the most delicious of all tea time treats, the classic banana bread.

In my opinion a classic is a classic and therefore on this occasion I have decided to follow a low fuss recipe by none other than the Queen of Cakes, Lady Mary Berry. I have decided to adapt it slightly by adding a good slathering of salted caramel on the top! (I confess it is not homemade, but I had some leftover Tesco’s finest that needed using up and it seemed a shame not to use it!) This is a delicious accompaniment to a good sit down and a cup of tea.

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