Copenhagen 2016



A couple of weeks ago my boyfriend and I were lucky enough to spend a long weekend in the wonderful city of Copenhagen. It is safe to say, alongside visiting the countless royal palaces and museums, eating was very much at the top of the agenda.

First and foremost, I obviously couldn’t leave Denmark without sampling one of their trademark pastries. Secondly, after doing a little research beforehand reading various travel blogs, lots of people recommended trying one of Copenhagen’s famous hot dogs.

So off went in search of pastries and hot dogs…

We stumbled across the hot dogs first, during a trip to Tivoli Gardens, which is the oldest operating amusement park in the world. We both went for the ‘Classic Danish’ which had crunchy onions, gherkins and mustard on top (it was safe to say our breath was smelling pretty manky afterwards!) I was totally worth it though. I followed up my hot dog with a coffee with added cacao powder that was nice but SUPER strong (as if the honking breath situation wasn’t already bad enough)



On our last day we headed to Torvehallerne ‘super market’ in search of Danish pastries. Torvehallarne really is a super market; made up of over 50 stalls containing all manner of treats, from gelato to freshly baked bread. It was here that I purchased a pastry called a Chokoladesnegl that I bought from Laura’s Bakery stall. This pastry is with out a doubt one of the most delicious things I have ever tasted in my life. It was buttery flaky pastry, coated in a shiny layer of dark chocolate and topped off with flaked almonds…so, so good.



Below are a few more photos of the various other treats on offer…






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